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Edtech background

EdTech software development for a boost in teaching effectiveness

We build custom EdTech software and help make education technologies important to your institutions

Edtech description background

Our EdTech and eLearning development team create tailor-made distance learning solutions for educational institutions. A unique approach, non-standard solutions, and attractive design will distinguish your product from competitors. We carefully study your approach to provide a unique custom EdTech software development that conveys your uniqueness, experience, and expertise.

Turn your eLearning ideas into a profitable business with a reliable partner

Build an eLearning platform with unique features to create a competitive advantage_img

Build an eLearning platform with unique features to create a competitive advantage

Depending on your direction, add unique eLearning software development services: course delivery, branding, eCommerce, and more.

Personalized learning to engage learners at every stage of learning_img

Personalized learning to engage learners at every stage of learning

Streamline your learning experience, create almost any interaction you can imagine, save students time, track their progress, and generate reports on their performance.

Engage customers with a visually compelling platform_img

Engage customers with a visually compelling platform

Let UX design become a competitive advantage that attracts new customers by making learning enjoyable and easy on your fully customizable and intuitive platform.


Education Segments we serve

  • School management and administration software_icon

    School management and administration software

  • Educational platforms and online courses_icon

    Educational platforms and online courses

  • Student portals_icon

    Student portals

  • Learning management systems_icon

    Learning management systems

  • Talent development systems_icon

    Talent development systems

  • Simulations and immersive learning_icon

    Simulations and immersive learning

  • Online communication software_icon

    Online communication software

  • Game-based learning platforms_icon

    Game-based learning platforms

  • Real-time simulations systems_icon

    Real-time simulations systems

  • Quizzes_icon


eLearning software development services

Custom eLearning development_img

Custom eLearning development

An experienced development team will design and develop software from the ground up that meets your business goals.

UI/UX Design_img

UI/UX Design

The secret of successful design lies in the continuous analysis of the niche, love for what we do, and of course, for the user. We develop beautiful and intuitive apps for productive learning.

Data Migration_img

Data Migration

We understand the importance of secure data transfer. Therefore, we propose to provide it to trusted specialists.



Our team will ensure fast and reliable integration of eLearning software with your existing platform.



Our support team is always in touch to resolve all emerging issues as quickly as possible so that your customers receive the best software.


Transform education segment with eLearning software development

Main features of an EdTech app

Voice recognition_icon

Voice recognition

Speaker verification_icon

Speaker verification

Adaptive learning_icon

Adaptive learning

Face-to-face communication_icon

Face-to-face communication





Progress bars_icon

Progress bars



AR/VR EdTech app development services_icon

AR/VR EdTech app development services

Task management tool_icon

Task management tool

Certificate generation_icon

Certificate generation

Comprehensive reporting_icon

Comprehensive reporting

Technology stack used for developing eLearning software

React iconReact
Angular 2+ iconAngular 2+
Node.Js iconNode.Js
Vue.Js and Nuxt iconVue.Js and Nuxt
Gulp iconGulp
Docker iconDocker

Success Stories

Moving away from legacy approaches and reimagining business through digital transformation and new digital enterprises


Marketing & Advertising




UI/UX Design


API integration


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