• Management system for delivery services

Management system for delivery services

Multicurrency online store for drones selling

The client came to us with the following tasks for his existing portal:

  • rewrite poorly working wordpress theme;
  • develop a module for forming price sheet in xml format for the uploading to a price aggregator;
  • implement multi-currency;
  • add ability to create product cards and update prices from Google tables.

Based on the Understrap framework, we developed a new WordPress theme. The frontend uses Bootstrap. The project was assembled with the help of Sass & Gulp. Errors in the work of the site were completely eliminated. To solve the problems with the speed of the resource, optimization and caching, connection of CDNs were configured. As a result, the portal performance was significantly improved – in terms of gtmetrix.com from red zone F the site was placed in green zone A.

Technologies used: Cache Management, Responsive Web Design, Google Sheets, WordPress, Woocommerce, Bootstrap, Gulp.js, Sass, WordPress Theme, WordPress e-Commerce